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PDF & PostScript

Interpreter & Rendering Technology

Introduction to CentraDoc

I’d like to introduce you to CentraDoc, an OEM technology library that can be embedded within your application software, and which facilitates the reading of two of the most complex and comprehensive page description formats: PostScript and PDF. Depending upon your application requirements, CentraDoc can be used to extract text and graphic objects, or it can be utilized to fully render the pages into common image formats. Whatever your page description requirements happen to be, it is more than likely that CentraDoc will be able to accommodate you. For example, this technology is available for all the most common OS’s like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux-based machines. This technology is mature and robust, and currently being utilized within applications worldwide by both small, as well as Fortune 500 companies. While CentraDoc is excellent at doing what it’s suppose to, we know that every situation is unique. The reason our customers have chosen CentraDoc over alternatives is that our individualized customer care is without equal in the industry. We treat each customer’s needs as though they were our own. I encourage you to explore our website and reach out with any questions you may have. We’re here to help you with your page description needs.

CentraDoc™ Highlights

Technology library with an API you can access within your applications

Reads all variations of PDF (including the native Illustrator format)


Reads all variations of PostScript (including EPS as well as Level 3)

All common OS's supported including Windows, Mac OS and Linux-based

Library is multi-threaded for parallel processing

Ability to extract text and vector-based graphic objects

Ability to render pages to image / raster-based formats

Raster Image Processing supports banding for large format printing applications

Advanced color correction via the use of color profiles

Extensive font support of various formats as well as utilization of native OS fonts

Engineering Plans


PSI  is our PostScript compatible interpreter library. Fully compliant to the latest Adobe specification, PSI has been time tested and valued among the most scrutinizing, highest demanding organizations including desktop publishing as well as printer manufacturers. The diversity of clients and the various ways they make use of CentraDoc™ is a testimant to the flexibility that our library offers.

PDFI  is our PDF compatible interpreter library. This is a complete native PDF interpreter (rather than merely a module that converts PDF pages into PostScript streams). Fully compliant to the latest Adobe specification (with respect to page rendering), PDFI is being utilized by a broad group of clients who have come to rely on PDFI’s accuracy and performance.

Distiller & PDF Output Kit is a CentraDoc™ add-on module that provides conversion from PostScript to PDF, as well as a comprehensive API that will give you the ability to write native PDF files from your application(s).

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